The smartphone revolution started the way so many other technological revolutions have; as something that looks like a passing fad. Television, radio, and dozens of other forms of technology were all prophesied to have short-lived existences, and then they became the biggest and most popular things anyone had ever seen.

What Brought Smartphones To The Game

Cellular technology was already in place and accepted when the smartphone was Apple-leads-In-US-marketcreated, which is part of the reason they were and are so popular. Smartphones combined the enhanced memory and features of a handheld computer, but allowed them to be used on a network that people already understood and which was in place. Because smartphones were an addition to existing technology they were readily adopted, and quickly became the norm.


Meeting Modern Day Needs

The real reason that smartphones have succeeded so well is that they make so many things pOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAortable. While people may take selfies with their phones they can also handle things that modern media creators need. These phones have great capacity than many digital cameras of the past age, and they allow┬áInternet access for fast submission and nearly instant communication. Smartphones might seem like expensive toys to many people, but they’ve revolutionized everything from stock trading to automotive claims, and these devices are finding their way into more and more industries. They’ve given power to bloggers and news personnel, and the technology in smart phones can be used to aid law enforcement as well as to help keep homes monitored and safe. While Angry Birds and Candy Crush are fun accessories for a smartphone, they’re most definitely not the reason these devices have become so widespread.


Creating More New Technology

The innovation that first drove smartphone technology is leading to even more advances, according to Whether it’s miniaturization, faster download speeds, or new software, the continued popularity of smartphones is leading to even more advances. This includes wearable technology, such as smartphone watches, which are still in their infancy as far as communication devices go at this point in time. Jason Hope Asks “Now that smartphones are firmly established as a technology that isn’t going away the question is what’s coming next?” Will smartphone technology give us sunglasses that make phone calls and transmit video? Or will we eventually get ear buds that can hold an entire calling list which will answer our voice commands? The world is waiting to see what comes rolling off the pages of science fiction to become science fact.

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